I’m advising and working with a small team that is considering building a mobile app that allows artists to quickly create video content to promote their new music. This video content could then be exported directly to their Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat accounts. Each piece of content would have three different aspects:

  1. A song

  2. Video content

  3. A visual effect that is synced to the song.

Since artists are consistently putting out music, they consistently need video content to promote that music on their socials. We want to give them a platform to create this video content at a much lower price point than the $100-$500 they typically spend with a videographer and video editor.

There are five VERY rough examples below. Please view each example and read each description so you can fully understand the concept, then answer the questions at the bottom.

Sports - You Are The Right One

The video in this piece is just a simple pan of some boats in a harbor. The effect is a simple diamond-facet effect that moves with the beat of the music.

Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort

This video editing effect has turned this video of a summer bike ride through a park into an intense experience that matches the intensity of the song.

Halpe - Jewels (Low Poly Remix)

This video effect has turned a 10 second clip of a Japanese city into an energetic psychedelic experience.

Movement - Us

This effect has turned a video of a night time DJ set into a relaxing mystical video piece.


H.E.R. - Focus

Here is a video of a person dancing with a visual effect that fits the theme of the song, ‘Focus’. Notice how the cuts and the visual effect are also in sync with the music.



Imagine that you had the ability to create content like this for your releases except on this app, except there would be much better features and effects like:

  1. There would be much better quality and quantity of visual effects to choose from (than those demo’d above) and they would be sorted by popularity to make them easy to browse. New effects would constantly be added too.

  2. Each effect would have different settings (similar to Instagram filter adjustment settings) so that each artist using the effect would be able to create something unique each time.

  3. There would be options to add text, other photo content.

  4. A lot of the visual effects would be based on people, faces, and bodies. Similar to a lot of Instagram/Snapchats face filters.

  5. There would eventually be visual effects creators on the platform who would create effects that specifically made for your artists’s music.

Please answer the questions below:

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How much money do you usually spend on short social content to promote music releases? *
(not music videos, moreso bite-sized Instagram Story and Snapchat content)
Imagine if it fit the theme of the song and the aesthetic of the artist brand.