I provide music curation services for brands who wish to integrate music and playlist content into their marketing and promotional campaigns. Not only is it an easy and effective addition to your content schedule, but curated music content is also one of the best ways for your brand to reach and influence your customers when they’re not in front of a screen.


Music is emotional, it connects and influences people, and it’s deeply integrated into people’s lives. For brands who want to strengthen their relationship with their customers by promoting a specific emotion or lifestyle, music content can be a very effective way of doing that.

In the same way that your brands utilizes specific visual aesthetics, voice, photo/video content, and influencers to define itself, it can use music content to strengthen it’s identity as well.


You may be thinking, “Anybody from my team can curate playlists right?” Well, yes, but there’s a different between nuanced quality music curation, and standard playlist making.

If you want your brand to be promoting playlists full of music that everyone has heard countless times before, then my services are not right for you. However, if you want a playlist that will excite and impress your customers with new sounds that they love, along with sounds they’re already familiar with, then read on.


Through over 10 years of experience in curation, I have a very deep knowledge of contemporary music.

In addition to my own detailed music profiles on Spotify and Apple Music, I’ve curated music for some of the world’s biggest brands.

playlist package OPTIONS

use cases for different playlists and how that they can be used


A single, static, playlist for a specific time, place, or event.


A single continuously updated playlist that can be the pillar of your music content strategy.


The best way to give your customers a wide range of music for a wide range of situations.


For when you want to maintain a single playlist that represents your brand, plus a few more that compliment it.


Give your customers a wide variety of music listening experiences.


Build out a fully developed and brand-integrated music content campaign. 


Pay one price per month with no contract or commitment. For each package, I’ll recommend a playlist concept that fits with your brand. I can also come up with a unique package for your specific needs.

Earn a 20% discount on total package for paying annually.
Earn a 10% discount on total package for paying bi-annually.

One-Off Playlist


25 Songs

No Updates

--One-- playlist


25 Songs

1 Update per Month

--Two-- Playlists


25 Songs Each

1 Update Per Month

Most popular

--Three-- playlists


25 Songs Each

1 Update per Month

--Four-- playlists


25 Songs EAch

1 Update per Month

--Six-- playlists


25 Songs

1 Update per Month


  1. 50 Song Playlists = 1.25 x Package Price

  2. 75 Song Playlists = 1.5 x Package Price

  3. 100 Song Playlists = 1.75 x Package Price

  4. 2 Updates Per Month = 1.5 x Package Price

  5. 4 Updates Per Month = 2 x Package Price


  1. 20% off for tagging me on Instagram post and adding “Curated by @sam.schoonover” to Instagram copy.

  2. 10% off for adding “Sounds via Sam Schoonover” stamp on the playlist graphic, adding “Curated by Sam Schoonover” to Spotify description, and following my profile from their brand on Spotify


* An update means that all songs in the playlist are replaced with new songs. Alternatively, I can just add X amount of new songs onto the playlist until it gets to a certain size so it serves as a collection of all your brand’s favorite songs.

* The “2 Updates Per Month” add-on is only available for 25 and 50 song playlists. The “4 Updates Per Month” add-on is only available for 25 song playlists.


Fill out the form below that fits with the package you’d like to buy. After I receive it, I’ll respond directly to you with next steps.

One-Off Playlist and One Playlist Package

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Two Playlist and Three Playlist Package

Four Playlist and Six Playlist Package

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Because I am first and foremost a music fan, there are certain genres I curate within and certain genres that I do not. I focus on my favorite genres that are popular and trending at the moment. I specialize in pop, hip hop, R&B, electronic, future bass, all sub genres of house, techno, electro pop, synth pop, indietronica (the blend of live band and electronic), indie pop, and indie rock. I don’t curate within EDM, trance, dubstep, trap, latin, country, folk and acoustic, reggae, heavy metal, alternative rock, classical, jazz, blues, classic rock, or any decade specific genres.


Over the years, I’ve developed very specific proprietary strategies for developing playlists that will appeal to the widest market of people. I use a specific mix of well known and up-and-coming songs, I balance specific genres based on music trends, and I utilize the right blend of recent releases and slightly older favorites. I only specialize in contemporary music from the past few years. By only using new music, then it means your content stays fresh and can consistently be updated.