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I curate playlists for brands who wish to integrate music and playlist content into their marketing campaigns. Like any other piece of content, playlists can be used to promote products, services, spaces, and brands in general in a number of ways:

  • Playlists can be themed after products or marketing campaigns and promoted to customers to keep those products top of mind.

  • Playlists are a very affordable additions to the content calendar. Especially when compared to the money spent on photo and video content.

  • Playlists are a way to engage customers for hours on end when they’re not in front of a screen.

  • Playlists are a good way to appeal to people inside your store location or at a company event.

  • Playlists can help define a brand and strengthen it’s connection with customers.

Music curation has been my favorite hobby for over 10 years now. In addition to my own detailed music profiles on Spotify and Apple Music, I’ve also curated music for some of the world’s best brands like Coachella Music Festival, Splash House, and Youth To The People among many others.



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A one-off playlist can be used alongside a specific marketing campaign, at a product launch event, for a brand announcement, or as a piece of content.


This could be a general brand playlist, a playlist for a product or service, music for your store or office, or music for a certain activity your customers engage in.


This is the best way to get interactive content for two different product or service categories AND to give your fans both sides of a musical story.



This per-month pricing guide is based off the Playlist Packages described above. Clients pay one price per month. Since every product, service, and marketing campaign is different, these pricing options should be viewed only as a guideline. I will come up with a unique package for your specific needs.

One-Off Playlist


25 Songs

One Time Fee

--One-- playlist


25 Songs

1 Update per Month

--Two-- Playlists


25 Songs Each

1 Update Per Month

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