A single playlist is all that you need to create some additional content for a marketing campaign. This could be a general brand playlist, a playlist for a product or service, music for your store or office, or music for a certain activity your customers engage in.

Brand Playlist
Store & Office Music
Marketing Campaign
Event Soundtrack



This is the easiest type of playlist to build and maintain. A brand playlist is a general playlist that fits the music scene and lifestyle that your brand aligns with.

It is very multi-purpose and can be used to go along with any announcement or campaign you’re promoting, or just used as a gift to make your customers happy!

Example: A playlist with uplifting and motivational indie rock, surf rock, and indie pop music for Seize the Day Surfboards


This type of playlist is for when you want relatable content that you can use to promote a new product or service. Over time, customers will start to associate the enjoyment they get from the music with the new product or service and it will make them feel good about it.

Additionally, when you combine consistent playlist updates with simple photo and video content, you have an easy, complimentary, campaign that you can keep surfacing to customers.

Example: A calming and positive morning playlist for Canna Coffee’s new cannabis infused coffee product

wake and coffee break.jpg

shop till you pop.jpg


This type of playlist is for when you need music that fits the vibe in your store location. We’ll ask the right questions and do the research needed to figure out exactly what kind of music works best.

Depending on your store’s hours, we can come up with a playlist size and number of monthly updates so the music content stays fresh.

Example: An upbeat happy playlist full of indie pop music for Bo’s Bootique


If your brand has a product or service that involves a particular activity, then this is a good way to create a branded playlist that has a real-world use. It becomes an easy way for people to associate your brand with a fun activity that fits the kind of lifestyle you want to promote.

Example: A focused cooking playlist for Italian food brand, Polly’s Pastas

pollys pasta.jpg