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Did you know that musical experiences are literally good for your health and improve the functioning of your brain? Music activates the entire brain, including areas that control movement, emotions, creativity, and more. In fact, people who have a deep love for music probably experience emotions at a more intense level than those who don't. Did you know that music also impacts certain areas areas of the brain that are responsible for feeling empathy, trust, and cooperation? Music releases oxytocin in the brain which is the chemical that plays an important role in bonding between people. It's why music is literally what makes the people come together. Historians even think music and dancing inspired the first real social gatherings. Did you know that music has been around longer than we've been capable of language? It's probably been around even longer than homo sapiens. Which means that most likely, the experience of making, listening, and dancing to music is a part of what literally makes us human.

I'm a bit of scientist at heart and I think these facts definitively prove something that we've all been suspecting for many years... music is fucking rad. I've spent my entire life fascinated with it and I've spent the last 10 years or so working on making it my profession. This website documents some of these efforts.